Hero Voicer - Voice Changer for Windows

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Amazing voice changer

Hero Voicer is a fun application developed by Hero Voicer - Voice Changer that will allow you to alter your voice into something else!  You can now sound like a completely different person or being while chatting with others online.  

Prank calls made funnier

Do not be shy to enjoy this application to the fullest and use it however often you like. It has a lot of different voices to offer so you can play a cute little joke on your family and friends. For instance, you can make yourself sound like an alien or a robot. It can also simply change your pitch and make you sound like an entirely different person. To make things cooler, you also have the added option to put in sound effects in the background like fireworks or honking cars. I tried calling someone with an added sound effect of rain falling and guess what? That person actually thought that I was in the middle of a storm! It is a very enjoyable application that has lots of fun to offer. Just use it responsibly, okay? 

Just a click

Changing your voice will not take you much effort. All the available voices are already displayed on Hero Voicer’s window once you open it. All you have to do is click on the voice that you want, select a background sound effect, and then speak! There are around 12 voices and sound effects that you can choose from and combine. To make things even more interesting, you can make a new voice in addition to the program’s default list by mixing and importing new voices and audio files. Feel free to make new combinations out of all of them as well. If you are not feeling very creative, another cool feature of the application is the available voices of famous celebrities! 

Easy to use

As mentioned, changing your voice is just a click away but the application also helps you in managing your voices. It has a user-friendly interface where all you will ever need is already displayed on the screen. There are no unnecessary and questionable buttons to confuse you. At the topmost part of the window, you can adjust the volume of the artificial voice and your voice. This way, it will regulate how much of your original voice will be affected and heard. You will then see tabs below it. The first tab shows all of the program’s artificial voices like robots, fairies, and ponies while the second tab displays the program’s default voices. The third tab contains all the voices that you made yourself while the fourth tab lets you keep all your favorite voices so you would not have to look for them again through the long list. 

Fun and enjoyable

What makes this application really fun to use is that it allows you to change your voice while calling someone. Hero Voicer is great for kids and adults alike especially because it is easy to use.

Hero Voicer will let you to change your voice while talking over Skype and any other voice chats and audio applications.

Hello everybody! Welcome to Hero Voicer!

Would you like to change your voice in Skype?

Or to talk in various characters' voices in online games?

Or to play a hoax on your friends?

Or to camouflage yourself in the web?

Hero Voicer will let you to change your voice online on the fly. You'll be able to speak in voices of fabulous creatures, to add background sounds to your talk, or to invent your own unique voices.

You can use Hero Voicer while talking over Skype, Team Speak, Raid Call, Ventrilo and any other voice chats and audio applications.

With Hero Voicer you can adjust voice settings, make your own voices, use background sounds. You can call your friends and talk to them with voices of famous characters. Your voice will be changed in real time, as you speak.

Hero Voicer will be interested to Skype, voice chats and online games users.


  • Make your own voice
  • Background sound effects
  • Easy to use
  • Voice changes while on an ongoing call


  • Only around 12 voices available
  • Simple and old-school interface
  • Some celebrity voices are not accurate
  • Original voice sometimes slips in

Program available in other languages

Hero Voicer - Voice Changer for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V 0.8.17
  • 2.3

  • Security Status

User reviews about Hero Voicer - Voice Changer

  • The Non Smoker

    by The Non Smoker

    Stopped working or crashing in Windows 10 and 11 IDk about older Windows.

  • levi new

    by levi new

    it would not was very unplesuring but I trust u can fix that pleas let me know if u find the problem

  • Peter Godfrey

    by Peter Godfrey

    Not working.
    I'm afraid this doesn't work for me. Every time I launch it, my computer gives me a pop-up saying that it has stopped working. If t More

  • Era Black

    by Era Black

    Does not work.
    I can't get it to work. The program stops working as soon as it finishes launching. I would really like it to work, it looks li More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Great programm to change your voice. You can also mae your own voices.
    Pros: Sound


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